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Channel lined at bend

The Trangie-Nevertire Irrigation Scheme is a recipient of funding under the Australian Government's Private Irrigation Infrastructure Operators Program (PIIOP). This program aims to acquire water entitlements resulting from water savings generated from eligible projects by private irrigation infrastructure operators that improve the efficiency and productivity of water use.

In NSW, nine projects have been approved for funding of around $642 million that will improve the efficiency of irrigation systems and on-farm water use. The funding agreement for the Trangie-Nevertire Co-operative Limited Round 1 PIIOP project was executed in January 2011 and totals an amount of $115 million and will return, on average over the long term, 11,177 megalitres of water per year to the Commonwealth.

The $115 million received by the TNCL will be spent in a number of ways, most notably on the reshaping and lining of approximately 153km of water delivery channels and removing the irrigation supply to 19 properties. Approximately $18.5 million of the funding pool will be spent by current landholders on their own properties, either to improve their irrigation and water use efficiencies (Modernisation of the Green Zone) or to return their farm to a productive dryland farming and/or grazing enterprise (Rationalisation of the Red Zone). It is anticipated that the bulk of these funds will be spent in and around the local community.

To find out more about the government PIIOP projects take this link to the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities website:


The TNCL Modernisation and Rationalisation project has now been completed. Red Zone Proponents have all received their funds from the sale of their Water Access Entitlements and on-farm works are completed.

Green Zone on-farm activities are also fully complete.

The Stock and Domestic Scheme is fully operational.

If you would like further information on the On Farm aspects of the project, contact the Proponent Coordinator, Mark Gardner, Vanguard Business Services, or 02 6885 1925.

A copy of the Final Project Report can be found here. (PDF, 6mb)


  • Services an area of 125,000 hectares
  • Crops grown include Coarse grains, cotton, oil seeds, wheat, pasture, lucerne and vegetables
  • Scheme services over 90 properties
RED Zone refers to those sections of the scheme that will be rationalised.
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GREEN Zone refers to that section of the scheme where properties will remain irrigation farms.
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The Macquarie Valley
The Macquarie River is one of the main inland river systems in NSW.  It starts south of Bathurst where the Fish and Campbell Rivers join, and travels approximately 960km in a mostly NW direction.  The central western cities and towns of Bathurst, Wellington, Dubbo, Narromine and Warren are all situated on the Macquarie River.  The River itself flows into the internationally protected wetlands, The Macquarie Marshes.  Following a major flood event, water can flow through and beyond the Marshes into the Barwon-Darling river system upstream of Brewarrina.