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Red Zone

Information on what to do when nearing completion of your on-farm project is below.  Please click on the links.  If you are having trouble with these documents then please contact Mark or Janey on 6885 1925.

Red Zone Completion Policy Red Zone Completion Policy (462 KB)

Audit Requirements Audit Requirements (370 KB)

To find out how to start the process through which you can claim your Red Zone Rationalisation funds please refer to the Members section of this website.

The Red Zone of the Trangie-Nevertire Irrigation Scheme refers to those sections of the scheme that will be rationalised.  The rationalisation process will ultimately result in the properties within this zone no longer being irrigable. 

Red zone proponents have now transferred their Water Access Entitlements (WAE) to the Commonwealth Government in accordance with the Funding Agreement that has been signed between the Government and Trangie-Nevertire Co-Operative Limited.  The total amount of water that has been transferred to the Government from the Red Zone is 18,842 megalitres, equating to funds of $23,552,500.  These funds are currently being paid to the holders of the WAEs.

In addition to the sale of water, most Red Zone proponents will be receiving funds to aid with the rationalisation of their irrigation enterprises.  It will be necessary for all proponents to deploy these funds to, at the very least, decommission all irrigation infrastructure such as channels, tailwater drainages and water storages.  This infrastructure must be decommissioned to a safe and practicable point whereby the area can no longer be used for irrigation purposes. An amount of $6 217 786 has been committed by the Government to the rationalisation of properties within the Red Zone.

All Red Zone proponents will have access to Scheme water for Stock and Domestic purposes.